Cape Girardeau County Getting Closer to Providing Emergency Texting Capability

Officials in Cape Girardeau County are coming closer to including texting capability in their 911 emergency systems. Members of the Cape Girardeau County Commission recently gave their approval to a resolution to accept a grant that is worth a total of $9,140 from the Missouri 911 Service Board.  The grant money will be put in with a total of $13,710 that was previously awarded to the county as part of a $22,850 60/40 Next Generation (NG) 911 matching grant that was awarded by the Missouri Department of Public Safety and administered through the Department of Homeland Security. The NG 911 grant money will go towards the consolidation of texting technology into Cape Girardeau County’s emergency dispatch center, officials say. So far, a total of 29 counties throughout the state have integrated text to 911” technology in their emergency call centers. As of right, now, there are a total of nine counties across the state where the technology is pending and Cape Girardeau County is one of them, officials say. The 911 text service will provide a benefit to those who are hearing impaired and those who have limited hearing. It will also benefit people who are in a situation where   a voice call could endanger them. Officials say if anyone is in a compromised situation and they are unable to use their phone to call 911 , but they can text, this is a way for them find out who’s in trouble and get help to them immediately. Officials say it will be six to eight months before the project is finished.

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