The Boys and Girls Clubs of Southern Illinois Partner with Local Schools to Provide Online Learning Opportunities

Prior to the Carbondale Elementary School District announcing their plan for school to start again with remote learning officials had already begun talking and making plans for how they would work alongside each other in order to meet the needs of the students this fall. Starting Monday, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Illinois located on Springer Street will be used as a distance learning site for students in all grade levels. Every safety precaution that was put forth for the modified summer programming will still apply. These safety measures include health screenings, temperature checks, masks worn by all, social distancing and enhanced cleaning and disinfecting. The club will be in operation for distance learning from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and the students will be provided breakfast and lunch. Officials will make sure every student is wearing a mask and other PPE as appropriate to the duties. Every participant will have to be registered for the fall program, even though some may already enrolled. There is a short, single page summer registration form that has to be finished. Registration will begin on Monday and it will have daily orientations. Every orientation will be at the Springer Street site. Every parent and high school student is required to participate in the orientation program.

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