Schools in Carbondale District 95 Schools Will Not Have In Person Classes When School Starts

With the school year fast approaching officials at Carbondale District 95 are making plans for all their students to be educated remotely. The districts return plan requires all educators at the member schools  l to provide all their students with lesson plans that contain links to videos, class meetings and assignments for students to work on and finish during the district’s full remote learning schedule. Every student will be evaluated to determine levels of achievement or regression and their attendance will also be followed. Officials say they are concerned about the health and safety of everyone and the say that their employees are putting themselves at risk by coming to work, so they have to protect them. Officials also say they hope to have regular classes , but they aren’t going to rush it. Officials are going to make a decision based on stats and data and the community and they are going to make a decision that is best for their community.

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