John A. Logan College Reveals Reopening Plan

Officials at John A. Logan College in Carterville released the institution’s plans for reopening campus to students, staff and faculty for the approaching semester. John A. Logan College will be offering four different types of instruction for their students and officials will enforce both social distancing and health screening measures on campus. Everyone will be required to wear a mask in all public spaces on campus. The four different types of class formats being offered are online anytime, online scheduled, hybrid and face-to-face. Hybrid courses will consist of both online coursework and regular classes. Online scheduled is a virtual course format when students participate in live video chats with their professors at the specific times they are assigned to participate. Real-time attendance will be necessary for students to participate in an online scheduled course. Along with social distancing on campus, officials are implementing a drive-thru screening process for everyone who comes to the campus. Southern Illinois Healthcare (SIH) staff will be everyone before they enter campus.

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