Plans to Renovate the Capaha Park Lagoon Underway

The Lagoon at Capaha Park will soon undergo a makeover. The makeover will be taking place in order to upgrade the pond and the area around it. Officials with the Cape Girardeau Parks and Recreation Department and the Storm Water Division of Public Works will work alongside officials from the Missouri Department of Conservation to upgrade the pond and the surrounding area. Officials say they have recently finished filling out the necessary paperwork in order for the upgrade to take place. Officials say they are really excited to make the upgrades to Capaha Pond. Officials plan to dredge the pond and remold the bottom of the pond to make a better habitat for fish that live in it. The remolding will help the water quality of the pond as well. In addition, the remolding will also help make fishing better around the pond.  Officials say the whole plan for the project is still being worked out, but officials hope to have the project finished by the summer season two years from now.


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