Jackson School District Officials Still Working on Reopening Plan for School

Officials with the Jackson R-2 School District are currently finishing a thirty page document that will then be sent out to students and their families. The document will lay out the district’s plan to pick back up with regular in person classes. Members of the school board will give their approval of the document and then school officials will put the plan out on their website on Monday and send out an email to families in the district. So far, a total of 437 students have signed up for the district’s alternative learning method that is called Ignite Online. School officials say they expect the total number of students learning virtually to reach ten to fifteen percent of the current student body prior to the school year starting and they want the delivery of education through  Ignite Learning to be just as worthwhile as regular in –person classes. Officials also say that even their best blueprint for the future could be disrupted by the current pandemic.

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