Oak Ridge School Board Members Decide to Start School on August 26th

Following a public hearing last Tuesday about a proposed early start date members of the Oak Ridge R-6 School Board made the decision to start the upcoming fall semester on their original start date of August 26, 2020. The board had proposed the idea of starting this school year two weeks earlier in an attempt to assist the students in getting caught up with their coursework after missing several months of school last semester. When the hearing took place, members of the local community said they weren’t sure if the August 12th start date would allow enough time to make up for the time that was lost last spring, but they did wonder if it was possible to extend the spring semester by two weeks. In addition, several members of the community were also wondering about the reopening plan for the district. School officials say they originally had a reopening plan in place in June, but the original plan was changed greatly because new members have become part of the district and members of the district have also seen the reopening plans of other schools in the area. Prior to taking a vote to return to the districts original start date several members of the school board said they could use the extra two weeks to assist educators and additional staff members to  become familiar with the new safety procedures that have been put in place. School officials say there are still issues involved with distance learning because more than 100 students who go to school in the district don’t have internet access. Officials say they are going to attempt to get Cape Girardeau County CARES Act funding to be able to buy cameras to record educators for the students who are not able to attend regular classes, such as high risk students.




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