Opiod Overdose Deaths Have Gone Down in Missouri

Data that was recently revealed by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services revealed that during the last calendar year the number of opioid overdose deaths in Missouri went down for the first time in five years. Last year, a total of 1,094 state residents died due to opioid overdose. This is a decrease of 3.4% from 2018 when a total of 1,132 residents died. There was a 35% rise in the state’s opioid death rate between 2015 and 2016. This was followed up by a 5% rise in 2017 and a 10% rise the next year. In Southeast Missouri a total of 32 residents have died as a result of opioid overdose. The highest number of deaths related to opiod related deaths was in Butler County were 12 residents died. A total of five residents have died in Cape Girardeau as a result of opioid overdose in the past two years.

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