Jackson R-2 District Officials to Provide Online Learning for Coming School Year

Officials with the Jackson R-2 School District will be providing families the option on online learning that is called Ignite Online.  This online learning format will be available to all families within the school district who are currently experiencing COVID-19 related issues, such as medically fragile students, at-risk students and family members, or family preference. Any parent or guardian who wants their child to take part  in the  Ignite Online, Learning Program rather than attending school are required to fill out an online application. The application has to be filled out by Monday at 8.A.M. and an application has to be filled out for each child who lives in the home. Parents or guardians who want their child to participate in the program are required to provide their child or children with a reliable internet connection through at least the first semester of the coming school year. Parents or guardians who can’t provide reliable internet access for their children should contact their child’s principal.

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