COVID 19 Relief Funding to be used to Address Educational Difficulties in Missouri

State officials in Missouri will be using a total of $ 55 million from the state’s Coronavirus Relief Fund in order to expand the educational opportunities that are currently being offered to students throughout the state. The funding will also be used to address two important challenges the coronavirus has caused for all school aged children throughout the state with their internet connectivity and possible learning loss during extended school closings. When all schools throughout the state closed due to the coronavirus outbreak many students across the state were unable to have access to online learning opportunities because of internet availability and/or affordability. On Thursday, the Department of Economic Development confirmed they had provided a total of $10 million of the state’s Coronavirus Relief Fund to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) in order to reimburse schools for expenses that were related to providing more connectivity for students for the fall semester. It is projected that the funding will allow 250,000 new concurrent connections to the internet for students across the state. DESE will then use almost $20 million provided to the agency through the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund and the Elementary and Secondary Schools Education Relief Fund state reserve in order to provide support schools by providing more student devices.


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