Southeast Missouri State Student Housing Going Through Changes Because of Coronavirus

During the peak time for college students to sign their leases for their housing agreements for the upcoming semester the coronavirus hit the United States. The effects of COVID 19 are currently rippling through the Cape Girardeau area. Officials say the student housing apartment complex, Cape Trails has had a drop of ten percent in leases so far in 2020 that officials believe is because of the coronavirus. Cape Trails is just one of many apartment complexes that are used for the housing of university students in the area. Other student housing options include Legends, The District at Cape and Redhawk Commons. Officials say the housing market was impacted the most during the month of April. This was because of the uncertain times surrounding the effects of the coronavirus on the upcoming fall semester at Southeast Missouri State University. This caused many students to go back home to their families, sublease their apartments or not sign a lease. Officials say this caused a decrease in the total number of residents. Officials also say that within Cape Girardeau many businesses go as Southeast Missouri State University goes. They say that they’ve all been playing the waiting game as to when the university is going to reopen. University housing officials say that some of the rooms that were triple occupied were changed to accommodate only two students and this will cause a decrease to the institutions resident’s halls. Every other floor that is inside Towers East and Towers South will have rooms with only have one student in them. Officials say they were unaware if students would want private or single rooms due to the coronavirus. There has not been a rise in requests for having just one room. Due to the increasing claims of unemployment in Cape Girardeau Cape Trails started a program to help their resident’s with their economic difficulties.  Officials say that tenants who are currently cannot pay their rent can sign a payment installation agreement.

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