Old Town Cape Maintains Accreditation Status

Old Town Cape was able to keep their national and state acceded status after going through a program assessment by Missouri Main Street Connection. All throughout the last calendar year, Old Town Cape had both public and private investments of over $2.2 million in the historic district from twenty-three projects. The district had a net gain of three new businesses and ninety-three new jobs. In addition, local volunteers gave a total of 2,667 hours of their time. Accredited status is the highest level any revitalization program can reach. To be recognized with National and State Accreditation status, a community is required to meet or surpass the 10-point criterion that has been put into place by the National Main Street Center, which is a subsidiary of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The process to receive accreditation includes a self-evaluation and submission of materials from the program which supports the program’s work for every part of the criteria.  Every community was then assessed by MMSC to determine tier placement.

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