Ameren Missouri Will Resume Normal Operations

Ameren Missouri is going back to their regular polices  when it comes to the disconnection of utilities and late fees for business customers beginning on July 15, 2020 and for the accounts of citizens starting on August 3, 2020. Officials say they started including inserts in customer bills to provide them with plenty of notice when it comes to the policy reinstatement. Officials say they know the economic impact of the pandemic is something to worry about for several families. They say for some families the pandemic has caused customers to have higher amounts to pay on their monthly bills. To assist with this problem Ameren Missouri started the COVID-19 Clean Slate program in order to create more stabilization for customers and help them start over by assisting with the balances of their utility bills, officials say. Officials are also encouraging customers to utilize LIHEAP funds, if these funds are appropriate. LIHEAP is the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program that is provided through the Missouri Department of Social Services. More information about Ameren Missouri’s COVID-19 Clean Slate program can be found at Customers can also call 800 552 7583.

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