Governor Parson Announces Launch of New Economic Recovery Dashboard

Governor Mike Parson announced the launch of a new Economic Recovery dashboard to help track the state’s economic recovery. The Show Me Strong Economic Recovery Dashboard tracks metrics across multiple categories impacting businesses, communities and citizens. Early Signs of Recovery:

  • Continued unemployment claims have fallen from a peak of more than 440,234 to just over 350,490.
  • At the worst point this spring, Missourians employed hourly by small businesses such as restaurants and retailers worked only about 50 percent of the hours that they worked in January. The most recent data shows improvement, witha 22.9 percent decline from January levels as of May 29.
  • At the end of April one survey showed only 5 percent of small businesses were seeing increases in revenue. The latest data has climbed to more than 15 percent.
  • At its lowest point, credit and debit card consumer spending had fallen by roughly 35.2 percent since January. The latest data shows we’ve returned to within 5 percent of January levels.
  • Finally, the data shows strong upticks in job postings in some of the hardest hit industries like leisure and hospitality.

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