City of Cape Girardeau to Participate in Study to Track COVID 19

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, the Department, of Natural Resources, and the University of Missouri are coming together for a yearlong study to test wastewater in twelve communities throughout the state and Cape Girardeau is one of them. The city of Cape Girardeau  will be taking part in the study free of charge and officials announced on Wednesday the city is going to start participating next month. Recent studies have revealed that it is a possibility that traces of COVID 19 can be tracked in wastewater and fecal material. Officials with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention have found that COVID 19 has been found inside the feces of coronavirus patients. This means it could be inside city sewer systems. If COVID 19 is found in wastewater and its concentration is measured this could provide a clearer picture for both health and government officials of infection levels within the general population. This study will use a process referred to as waste- water- based epidemiology, which could possibly identify levels of COVID 19 and other dangerous pathogens and chemical agents in sewage. Officials say the work the city does will be limited to providing a single 150 millimeter composite sampling every Monday and to deliver it to the Cape Girardeau County Public Health Center then it will be sent via courier to the University of Missouri to undergo testing.



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