Cape Girardeau County Voters Pass Tax Increase for Sheriff Office Funding

Local voters in Cape Girardeau County voted to approve a sales tax increase of one-half of one percent in order to supply law enforcement and public safety services to the county. A total of 57.06 percent of voters voted in favor of the sales tax increase last Tuesday. As of right now, the Sheriff’s Office is understaffed. In order to bring the staffing to a valid level a total of ten new officers will be required. Last year, deputies were called to over 25,000 incidents in the county. Expanding the current staff will allow two new school resource officers to be put in place. When more officers are hired more equipment will be necessary. The equipment that is needed to outfit officers is projected to cost $57,395.  The extra funding will make salary increases possible. As of right now, Sheriff’s Office salaries are more than 10 percent lower than Cape Girardeau and Jackson Police Department salaries.

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