Three Arrested for Burglary in Scott County

A woman and two men were arrested in Scott County, Missouri in connection to a burglary at Diebold’s Orchards in Benton. Police were called were called to the business on Saturday, May 23 about a possible burglary in progress. When they arrived they found a female suspect on the property and later found two male suspects. Allie Halfacre, Delbert Sumpter and Michael Gunter were arrested and booked into the Scott County Jail. All three were charged with burglary, property damage, stealing and possession of drug paraphernalia. Halfarce ‘s bond was set at  $25,000 and the bond for Gunternd and  Sumpter was set at $35,000. During the investigation, deputies said they found a garage door at the rear of the property pushed off the tracks. Evidence showed that someone had forced their way into the building. Several items were reported stolen from the property.

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