Jackson School Officials Discussing Plans for summer and Fall Semesters

Officials with the Jackson School District say they are currently making decisions on the upcoming fall semester and the current summer semester. Summer school for both the junior high and high school will be held remotely and the sessions will begin when they are scheduled to. Summer school for elementary students will start in person in July, but this will not become official until the middle of June when a final decision will be made. Officials are currently making plans to reopen the campus on August 24, 2020 to give high risk students and staff the opportunity to work from remote locations. Officials say the school district could have blended classes with students alternating between regular and online classes in order to limit the number of individuals in the building at a given period of time. Officials say they anticipate having sports in the fall, but a final decision has not been reached. An in-person graduation is still scheduled to take place next month.

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