State Departments Launch Economic Recovery Efforts

Governor Parson announced the “Show Me Strong” Recovery Plan in April, signaling the start of a gradual economic reopening that will involve agencies across state government. The recovery rests on the core pillars of testing, PPE, health care system capacity and improving the state’s ability to monitor and predict outbreaks.Since COVID-19 first emerged in Missouri, the Department of Economic Development worked tirelessly to establish new supply chains and aid in the health care response to the pandemic. The Department has also assisted in connecting businesses across the state with assistance as the impacts of the pandemic rippled through the state’s economy.With the Governor’s announcement of the Show Me Strong Recovery effort, the Department has begun to shift its focus to long term recovery planning, and will work alongside other state and federal agencies and private sector partners to develop recommendations for how state and federal resources can best be directed to assisting Missouri communities, businesses and citizens.

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