Serve Illinois Announces $26.1 Million For AmeriCorps Programming

The Serve Illinois Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service (Serve Illinois) today announced $10.2 million in federal grants to place 719 AmeriCorps Members in 13 programs to serve Illinois communities.  These awards include $3.9 million in education awards that AmeriCorps Members can use to pay for college or pay off student loans after their term of service.  AmeriCorps programs will match these funds with an additional $15.9 million in local funding. The total investment into Illinois communities will be $26.1 million. This is the first of two AmeriCorps funding announcements for 2020. AmeriCorps Members dedicate up to one year to help communities meet unmet economic, education, health, public safety, disaster preparedness, veteran services, and environmental needs.  Members may receive a modest living allowance, student loan deferment, health insurance, childcare, and professional development.  Members who successfully complete their service receive an educational award of up to $6,195 to help pay for college, graduate school, vocational training, or to pay off student loans. These federal grants will be used for services in Illinois, including tutoring and mentoring at-risk youth, preparing communities to respond effectively to emergencies, feeding those in need, providing legal support services, assisting incarcerated individuals re-enter into their communities, promoting environmental stewardship, supporting veterans, and improving youth and adult literacy.  Serve Illinois, a part of the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), administers the AmeriCorps programs in Illinois. Since 1994, over 45,000 Illinoisans have served 64 million hours through AmeriCorps.  Those hours equal more than $1.5 billion in community impact.  They have also earned more than $157 million in education awards. Serve Illinois is a 40 member (25 voting and 15 non-voting), bipartisan commission appointed by the Governor and administered by IDPH.  Its mission is to improve Illinois communities by enhancing traditional volunteer activities and supporting national service programs.  Serve Illinois supports local community-based efforts to enhance volunteer opportunities and the administration of Illinois’ AmeriCorps program. For more information on the Serve Illinois and a full description of each AmeriCorps program, visit


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