Families across Missouri May be Eligible to Receive Food Assistance During Pandemic

Families across the state of Missouri that currently qualify to receive either free or reduced meals at school could be eligible for a new one-time benefit. Officials with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education say the Pandemic Electronic Benefits Transfer can supply a family with a maximum of $302 for every child in pre-kindergarten through high school to assist families in covering expenses of meals students have consumed at home over the time schools have been closed. If families across the state were not eligible for free or reduced price meals and they have lost some or all of their income, they may be eligible to get P-EBT benefits. The benefit is put on an Electronic Benefit Transfer card that families can use to buy any groceries they may need. Those who received their food stamps in March will not need to apply because the money will be automatically loaded to their current EBT card. Anyone who didn’t apply in March has to apply by June 30, 2020.

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