Cape Girardeau City Council Approves Aquatic Project and Passes City Budget

Members of the Cape Girardeau City Council passed a budget for the next fiscal year during Monday night’s meeting. The majority of the city’s expenses will be about the same with a few departments receiving more money due to some federal grants. The trash bill will rise by about five percent for all residents and some of the cause is due to the increase in recycling. In addition resident’s water bills will increase by two and a half percent. The City Council also made an emergency declaration because of revenue that was lost because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This declaration will allow the city to use the money from the emergency funds to make up some of the estimated 4 million dollars in lost tax revenue so far this year. This money will be repaid to the fund from the Casino revenue money that isn’t designated to any other projects like the Riverfront Development Fund and the expenses that come from the new city hall project. This is the second emergency declaration during the current calendar year. The first one happened when city services where shut down from the cyber-attack in January. Lastly, City Council members voted to move forward on the “two pool” proposal with Cape Girardeau Public Schools. This proposal would include a new pool at Jefferson Elementary School and refurbishing “the bubble” at the Junior High School. At the meeting, the city manager was granted permission to start discussing managing the pool with the school board.

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