Pritzker Administration provides nearly $4 million for Housing Counseling

The Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA) Board of Directors awarded $3.89 million to 33 housing counseling agencies and community based organizations across Illinois and the City of Chicago to assist current and prospective homeowners. Awarded via a competitive application process under the state’s Foreclosure Prevention Program (FPP) and Foreclosure Prevention Program Graduated Fund Program (FPPG), the funding will allow grantees to provide free pre- and post- purchase counseling, financial coaching, foreclosure counseling, counselor training and capacity building and will pay for operational expenses incurred serving clients. Both FPP and FPPG are funded via a foreclosure filing fee paid by plaintiffs to the respective County Clerk. Under both programs, IHDA provides grants to community based organizations and housing counseling agencies approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for foreclosure prevention and homeownership education activities. This assistance connects current and prospective homeowners with trained professionals who can advise on preventing foreclosure, protecting your credit, buying a home and other issues to help you make educated choices based on your individual goals and circumstances. Counselors can also communicate with a homeowner’s lender or servicer on their behalf and help find legal representation if necessary. All foreclosure prevention counseling and financial education services are free of charge through IHDA’s housing counseling programs. During FPP Rounds 1-6, IHDA has allocated $22.1 million among the City of Chicago, housing counseling agencies and community-based agencies across the state. To date, the FPP program has served 171,335 clients. During FPPG Round 1-3, IHDA allocated $13.9 million in funding to housing counseling agencies across the state. To date, the FPPG program has served 62,981 clients. The IHDA Board approved the following grantees to receive Foreclosure Prevention Program and Foreclosure Prevention Program Graduated funds. Homeowners and renters who are having difficulty making their monthly payments should contact a housing counselor as soon as possible by visiting Agencies remain open and are currently serving clients remotely via phone and video conferencing.

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