Southeast Missouri State Set to Open Up Again Next Week

The opening phase of Southeast Missouri State University’s reopening plan is scheduled to start on Monday when university staff members and essential student workers are expected to come back to campus. University officials say every department and division on campus is being given flexibility to put their own individualized plan together in order to resume operations. University students and staff members have been away from every Southeast Missouri State facility  since the conclusion of spring break on March 20, 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic. University officials put a telawork plan together in the middle of March so university professors could continue teaching their courses from remote locations. All courses for the university have been finished and now students are currently going through finals week. Officials say the university is currently purchasing protective masks, other cleaning supplies, along with hand sanitizer that will be provided to the employees of the university and all the departments. As of right now the university is planning on having courses in the fall taught on campus if they were scheduled to be. The university is set to begin the fall semester on August 24, 2020.

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