City of Jackson Could Forgive Delinquent Fines on Spring Utility Bills

Members of the Jackson Board of Alderman will cast a vote later in the month to decide whether or not to waive the last three months of late penalties for utility bills from city residents who are currently dealing with difficult circumstances from the coronavirus outbreak. City officials say city staff members will present a proposal to waive penalties for billing periods over the last three month period. Additionally, officials say that the city has decided to postpone any utility cutoffs until June. By doing this, Jackson city officials would excuse penalty amounts of $10,416 for March, $13,905 from last month’s billing cycle, and a projected $15,000 in penalties for the current month. Officials say for residents who haven’t gotten their stimulus checks yet, hopefully they will receive them and they are able to come in and pay their utility bills when they get them.  Officials also say unless something out of the ordinary occurs delinquent payments will start back up in June depending  on actions taken by the Board of Aldermen.

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