Jackson City Officials Release Plan for Reopening on Monday

City officials in Jackson have revealed their reopening plan for city facilities. Officials say they will comply with the governors Show-Me Strong Recovery Plan and the governor’s stay-at-home order will be lifted on Monday. This plan is in place through the entire month of May and the current plan will be re-evaluated before it expires and could be amended. Officials say they are ready for a slow but steady road to recovery with different restrictions in order to assist the public to help slow the spread of coronavirus and several buildings and amenities are set to reopen on Monday. City Hall will open to the public on Monday, but only for essential services such as issuing permits, business license applications and utility payments. The Collectors Office will be opened on Monday, but residents are still encouraged to come through the drive thru and pay bills online. The Jackson Civic Center will also reopen on Monday and it will resume normal business hours, but with certain limits on the number of guests allowed in rooms and spaces to keep social distancing. Several local events are cancelled or could be cancelled over the coming months. Before attending an event residents are encouraged to check with the event organizer to see if it’s still on.

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