Number of Positive Coronavirus Cases Increase in Cape Girardeau in Scott Counties

The number of positive confirmed cases in Scott County increased to 59 on Wednesday and a total of thirteen cases have recovered. One person has died from the coronavirus in the county. The total of number of positive cases in Cape Girardeau County has risen to forty-one as of Wednesday. One of the new cases that were confirmed in Cape Girardeau County was in Jackson and the number of confirmed cases in Jackson now stands at seventeen. A total of eight residents are still in the hospital and one has died. Officials say the number of coronavirus cases has exploded within long-term care facilities. Local health officials say they are currently confirming an online process that is more streamlined for reporting virus cases that will let them analyze symptom data at a quicker rate. The number of positive coronavirus cases in both Cape Girardeau and Scott County are currently somewhat evenly spreadevenly throughout the age groups in the area.

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