St. Francis Healthcare System Approved to Start Plasma Treatments

Saint Francis Healthcare System was given the approval from the Mayo Clinic Institutional Review to start using plasma from recovered or, convalescent coronavirus patients to treat patients who are currently hospitalized with COVID 19. Any time a patient has an active viral or bacterial infection; their immune system creates antibodies which assist the body in fighting off infections and patients who have recovered from the coronavirus contain antibodies in their blood stream. The theory is that the infusions of antibody-rich plasma from those who have recovered from coronavirus should have a positive outcome for those who are currently battling the virus. The plasma could assist infected patients to fight their current infection and make a faster recovery. Healthcare workers at St. Francis are currently working with the local American Red Cross to find recovered patients who meet the required criteria for plasma donation. Officials say, Convalescent plasma treatment, while it is an experiment contains the potential to assist seriously ill COVID 19 patients.

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