Local Hospitals Taking Steps to Manage Virus Costs

Local hospitals in Cape Girardeau are making adjustments to their current staffing schedules, wages and employee benefits to be able to mitigate losses of revenue caused by the coronavirus outbreak. Officials say they are doing the best they can do to manage currant patient volumes and expenses. Officials say that on average business regarding outpatients has declined by 60% and in patent business has gone down by 40% throughout the state and they estimate that the state’s 154 hospitals are currently losing around $32 million everyday because of COVID 19. St Francis officials say they are currently making the commitment to not laying off their employees and maintaining their currant benifits. To make this happen officials are currently reassigning staff to different roles and adjusting the hours in which they work to make accommodations for currant patient volumes. In addition staff members are also taking off a week at a time and alternating weeks in order to cover responsibilities at work. Officials say flexing and job sharing gives employees the opportunity to stay employed and still be able to receive their current benefits package and give employees a defined plan to return to work.

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