Conservation Officials Approve Missouri’s First Elk Hunting Season

Missouri’s first ever elk hunting season will be held this fall. Officials with the Missouri Department of Conservation approved the season at their meeting on Wednesday. Officials say they have designated a nine-day archery season that will run from October 17th through October 25, 2020 and a nine day firearm season that will run from December 12th to December 20, 2020. Officials say the timing of the season is designed to occur after elk breeding season’s peak during early fall. The timing of the season is also designed to prevent elk season from overlapping with the firearms portion of deer season. There will be five permits issued the hunting of bull elk and they will be good to use for both archery and firearm seasons. Every permit that will be used to hunt elk will be given out through a random-lottery drawing. Residents are required to pay a $10 fee to obtain a general hunting permit. Qualifying landowners will not have to pay the $10 application fee when they apply for the landowner permit. Applications for the random elk-permit lottery will be taken during the entire month of May. Applicants can find out if they have been selected for a hunting permit on the web beginning in July. Officials say the random lottery will be limited to one application per-person, per-year with a 10-year “sit-out” period for those drawn for a general permit before they can apply again. Landowners can apply once a year for a general permit and land owner permit, but they are only eligible to get one elk hunting permit a year.

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