Virus Outbreak Could Push Back Opening of Cape Girardeau County Courthouse

Officials say there is a possibility that the opening of the new Cape Girardeau County Court House will be delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak. The courthouse that was constructed on North High Street in Jackson was scheduled to open on Wednesday, but many pieces of the facility’s furniture and fixtures are being made by Missouri Vocational Enterprises that is a currently a division of Offender Rehabilitative Services within the Missouri Department of Corrections that is located in the state capital. Missouri Vocational Enterprises operations have been suspended at this time due to the virus outbreak. Officials say, due to operations being suspended Missouri Vocational Enterprises pulled out of the site on Tuesday morning. They also say 80% of the work has been finished by Missouri Vocational Enterprises, but they won’t resume work at the courthouse until next Monday at the earliest. They have to finish working on the structures cubicles. Officials say local crews will continue to work on installing telephones and other communication equipment. Crews will also install the furniture that was brought in before work was stopped.

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