Governor Pritzker is Asking State Health Officials to Conduct 10,000 Virus Tests Every Day

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker wants state health officials to conduct 10,000 Coronavirus tests throughout the state. Within the next 10 days, officials are hoping 10,000 tests will be processed at labs across Illinois. Officials say a minimum of 10,000 tests daily is what scientists and experts think is necessary to get an understanding of the virus in each of the state’s 102 counties. Currently, 4,000 tests are being run every day at thirty hospitals and labs throughout the state. To reach this goal of conducting 10,000 tests per day officials want  to add a third shift at state labs, acquire new lab machines and they want to ensure there are plenty of staff members to cover increased testing. On Sunday, health officials confirmed that there were 1,105 new cases, including 18 deaths in the state. So far, Illinois has had 4,596 cases, including 65 deaths.

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