Mississippi River Expected to Slowly Fall below Flood Stage

The Mississippi River at Cape Girardeau rose above the point of moderate flood stage earlier this week. The National Weather Service predicts that the river will rise to 37.5 feet on the local river gage before it gradually falls below 32 feet by April 5, 2020. This date could change based on rainfall up north of the area over the next week and a half. The descent of the river could be held up by the rainfall along both the Mississippi and Missouri River Basins. On Friday the Mississippi River in Cape Girardeau sat at 36 feet and both the Themis and Broadway Flood gates were closed for precautionary reasons. Both flood gates are expected to reopen in the early part of next week when the river starts to fall. When the river exceeds 32 feet it is at minor flood stage and the river is at moderate flood stage when it is between 36 and 42 feet high. The river in Cape Girardeau has been above 32 feet since March 19, 2020.



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