Community Development Block Grant funds used to purchase essential ventilators for the State’s COVID-19 response

Together, the Missouri Department of Economic Development, State Emergency Management Agency, Department of Health and Senior Services, and the Office of Administration partnered with the Cole County Commission and Missouri Association of Councils of Government to provide Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds to purchase 125 ventilators to aid in the statewide response to the COVID-19 outbreak. $2.8 million dollars in CDBG funding will be used for the purchase and distribution of the ventilators. The Missouri Department of Transportation will be distributing the ventilators based on need. The goal is to provide hospitals and first responders with the necessary equipment to perform life-saving measures. Ventilators are essential medical equipment used to help patients breathe while they fight COVID-19 or other respiratory diseases. They are in high demand as the number of cases in the country rises and hospitals prepare to take on more patients.

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