Missouri State Officials Addressing Child Care Needs during Coronivirus Outbreak

Both the Department of Health and Senior Services and Social Services have taken various actions to assist childcare providers and many families across the state during the coronivirus outbreak. State officials say they recognize that child care is an important part of the fight against the outbreak and healthcare officials must have the right arrangements for children to make sure they can provide the health care and other essential services needed by area communities. While schools are closed, licensed childcare providers are currently using the rules in regards to emergency school closures. Licensed programs are now being allowed to provide care for children old enough to go to school if they need it. Programs can now exceed the license maximum of the facility by 1/3 during this time. All childcare providers throughout the state are now permitted to extend the hours of care they provide. The Child Care Subsidy program can pay for more hours of care because of school closures or the parents have to work more hours. Parents who are looking for child care can call 1-866-892-3228 to speak with a referral specialist.






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