The City of Cape Girardeau Receives New System for Police Reports Following Cyber Attack

Police reports that are made within the city limits of Cape Girardeau are public accessible once again. This was made possible by a new online crime mapping system. The crime mapping system can be found on the city of Cape Girardeau’s website, which was back up and running as of Thursday. This new system makes use of an advanced mapping engine that functions at a very high level to the current agencies in which it serves. Officials say their goal is to help police departments reduce crime rate by having a more informed citizenry. Officials also say the creation of more self reliance among members of the community is a great benefit to community oriented law enforcement efforts everywhere and this this has been effective in combating crime.  In addition the system will also provide new features such as providing crime reports through email when they are reported on the map. The alerts can be tailored to any address within the city such as historic landmarks and home addresses. Those who use the mapping system now have the opportunity to specify which crimes they want to get alerts for such as arson, burglary or assault among other crimes. To gain access to the new department safety system citizens can log onto the city’s website and click on the departments tab then they should go to the police tab and search for the words CRIME MAP within a column of blue tabs  located on the right side of the screen.

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