One Inmate Assaults Another before Sentencing

While to McCracken County inmates were sentenced on Tuesday, one inmate assaulted another before he could be restrained. Police say Bruce Tunnell and Brendin Rounds were seated together on the front row in McCracken Circuit Court. Rounds had just received been sentenced and was returning to his seat when Tunnell jumped up and began assaulting him. Officials say a deputy was able to quickly separate the two men Rounds was taken to a local hospital for medical treatment, and then released back to jail.  Tunnell was taken back to jail, and officials say he faces an additional charge of assault 4th degree. Rounds was given a three decade prison sentence of three decades for 1st degree rape of a victim under 12 and 1st degree sexual assault of a victim under 12. He was arrested in November 2018. Tunnell was sentenced for charges related to his arrest following a pursuit on January 16, 2018. The vehicle he was driving had been reported stolen, and a deputy was injured when he allegedly swerved toward him while the deputy was deploying spike strips. Officials didn’t know the details of Tunnell’s sentence, and a Circuit Court clerk said she did not have those details.

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