Gape Girardeau School District Officials Create New App for Easy Access for Members

Officials with the Cape Girardeau School District have come up with a simpler way for students and parents to have access to school information. All information can now be accessed through the new Cape Girardeau Public Schools app the new app was launched last Tuesday. Students and parents will now have access to school menus, announcements within the district and they will also be able to look up school calendars along with other information. The app was created to accommodate the specific needs of those who are in the Cape Girardeau School District. The app includes the majority of the features that are already on the websites of schools within the district. The app was developed in conjunction with the school districts five year plan and one way for members of the district to stay up to date with changing technology. The app’s official title is Cape Girardeau 63 and can be downloaded for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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