St. Francis Healthcare Systems Fails to Reach Agreement on New Contract with United Healthcare

As the clock struck midnight on Wednesday officials with both St. Francis and United Healthcare were unable to come to terms on a new contract. The current agreement that was in place has now expired. St. Francis officials say, beginning on Thursday their facilities are no longer in-network with United and for now they say all Saint Francis physicians remain in-network and all currant patients should continue seeing their primary doctors. Federal law currently protects patients seeking emergency care. St. Francis officials also say a patient’s insurance company can generally not charge them more for emergency room visits they receive at an out-of-network hospital when receiving emergency care. Currently patients still have access to their Level III Emergency and Trauma Center regardless of their contract status with United. Saint Francis facilities and services that are currently out-of-network with United include Family Birthplace (labor and delivery) and Specialty clinics including the ALS Clinic and Cape Girardeau Neonatology Specialists (follow up clinic) among others. Every primary care and urgent care location is still currently in network.


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