Nell Holcomb School to Have Tax Increase on April’s Ballot to Improve Student Safety

Local voters within Cape Girardeau County will soon have the opportunity to cast a vote on the operating levy that will raise the Nell Holcomb School District‘s tax rate by 47 cents to make it $4.07. The levy will be put on the election ballot for April’s election for voters within the school district. If the tax levy is approved it could help the school meet some of their most important necessities such as upgrading both the math and science departments and improving student safety among other things officials say. The Nell Holcomb School currently has 260 students and it possesses the lowest tax rate of all schools in Cape Girardeau County. The most important issue of having the levy passed is to maintain a full time resource officer at the school to ensure the student’s safety, officials say. School officials say based on research that they have done in the event of an emergency there would be a minimum of a 25 minute response for area law enforcement officials. Officials say in the case of an emergency when every second is critical this can’t be accepted.  The school will also install new security cameras and update their current door locks as well as install panic devices along with providing more training for teachers and staff.

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