Missouri Heartland Industries Making Plans to Expand Warehouse

After three and a half decades Heartland Industries has begun work on a project that will double the size of the current warehouse when it is finished. The facility that is located on Southern Expressway will have nearly 110,000 square feet of available space under its roof to provide room for current and future contracts and projects. The expansion is being done in order for the company to grow.  The company has provided employment and transportation for people who have both developmental and intellectual disabilities and currently operates sheltered workshops in Cape Girardeau, Fruitland and Marble Hill. The company is also referred to VIP Vocational Services and it provides services for people that are Herger functioning in areas such as paper shredding as well as recycling.  Officials say thier largest contract is recycling, but they are currently making plans to enter into a different industry so expansion is necessary. They say the new industry the company wants to enter is packaging and warehousing for the food industry. Workshop officials are currently looking into repackaging food items that have been previously packed. Those who are currently employed by the company would be responsible for taking packages of pre packed food and drinks and bundling them to meet the customers’ expectations. To be able to do this the company is currently working towards becoming food ready by the time the expansion to the Heartland building is finished. Officials say they want the new addition to be ready and to be certified so that when the time comes for it to open they can put this type of work into the next day.


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