Carbondale To Open Testing Facility for Coronavirus

Carbondale health officials are currently in the process of setting up a testing lab that will allow for quicker results and treatment of any patients who may have the coronavirus in the region. Officials say the new lab will make the treatment process faster for health providers. This means that the specimens that are gathered at regional hospitals can be processed quicker. This will help health officials determine whether or not a patient that is currently in their care is infected with coronavirus or they simply have another respiratory illness. The lab is located on the Southern Illinois University Carbondale campus. The facility has several restrictions due to the fact it needs to be done in a room with a negative air pressure. Currently there are three Illinois Department of Public Health labs that perform testing for E. coli, measles, norovirus and coronavirus among other viruses.  Officials say they are going to try and prepare for the worst and hope for the best and they expect this testing facility to be in operation this week.

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