Cape Girardeau City Council Nembers Unanimously Approve Funding to Pay for Cyber Attack Damages

Members of the Cape Girardeau City Council gave their approval for up to a half-a-million dollars to be used from the city’s emergency fund to pay for expenses from a cyber attack on city services. The cyber attack made the city do away with every service that was computerized such as online bill paying and email. City officials say that about 80% of the city’s services are up and running normally. The city council voted to approve the funding on Monday night and the vote put aside money to assist with paying for the insurance deductible along with any upgrades to city services that may be vulnerable to a cyber attack. Money that is taken out of the fund has to be paid back within a decade and comes with a minimum payment over 10% every year. Officials say the money is necessary in order to make the city less venerable to cyber attacks. The vote was unanimous with every council member voting in favor of the funding.

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