Greenway Equipment Helps Fight Food Insecurity in Southeast Missouri Through Fundraiser

Greenway Equipment raised thousands of dollars to go towards the backpack programs of two Arkansas food pantries and the Southeast Missouri Food Bank in Sikeston. They were able to accomplish this with assistance from country music star Jason Aldean. The purpose of the collaboration was to assist in the fight to end childhood hunger in Southeast Missouri. Officials, who represented Greenway Equipment, held a meeting with officials of the three various food banks to learn how they could serve individuals in the region in a more efficient manner.  Members of parties made the request for generous donations that will be put towards the food bank’s backpack programs. Officials say they made the request for donations of $10. They give the donations directly to the food banks. Officials say the donated money will assist more 550 students throughout the 25 school districts that take part in the program throughout Southeast Missouri. Officials also say that at the conclusion of every week students get to take home a backpack that contains the right amount of food to feed their family for the whole weekend. Officials say the program is important because it provides students and their families with supplemental meals. Officials say there are a total of 59,400 within Southeast Missouri, who are currently food insecure. Currently, food insecurity among the regions youth ranges from 14.1 percent in Perry County to 27 percent in Mississippi County.

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