Four Suspects Arrested in Caruthersville Assault Case

Several people were arrested and one remains at large after an incident in Caruthersville, Missouri on Monday, February 17, 2020. Police say that around 1:13 p.m. officers responded to the 800 block of Daeoc Road to an assault in progress that involved a large crowd of people. Police say that when they arrived they said the crowd fled the area. As they investigated, officers identified five suspects. One suspect remains at large and the suspect was identified as 20 year-old Danaja Webster. He has been charged with three counts of assault. He has not been arrested at this time. His bond is set at $25,000. The other suspects were identified as 22 year-old Carl Carter, 25 year-old Victor Timothy and 19 year-old Micah Rogers. A fifth person was issued a summons for simple assault and given a court date. Both Carter and Timothy were charged with assault and issued a $25,000 bond. Rogers was charged with two counts of assault and is also being held on a $25,000 bond.

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