Paducah City Officials Precede With Aquatic Center Project

.City officials in Paducah are proceeding with the city project of a new Recreation and Aquatic Center. During a city council meeting on Tuesday members of the council filed a resolution to postpone the request for project bids. A design plan was presented to the Paducah Board of Commissioners in regards to the new design of the project last month and the facility will be built Noble Park. The area was picked to be home to the new facility due to its centered location and walk-ability for many residents who reside in the surrounding communities. The facility will be approximately 77,000 square feet, and will be constructed on Park Avenue where the city ball fields are. The new facility will have several amenities. The ground floor will include an office and reception area, a climbing wall, concession/café area with an open seating area for socializing among other amenities. The top floor will include an open area that includes exercise equipment office space and a running track that provides an entire view of the ground floor. Additional details that were brought up at the meeting can be found on the city’s website.


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