Illinois Lawmakers Propose Bills to Increase State Speed Limits

Illinois state legislators have recently filed two bills  to increase the speed limit within the state. The two bills that were filed were Senate Bills 2564 and 2565. If both bills pass they will increase the speed limit on both interstates and highways inside the state. State officials say that the change would benefit rural areas that don’t have much traffic congestion.  If Senate Bill 2564  is passed it will increase the maximum speed limit outside of an urban district to 60 miles per hour. The speed limit in these areas is currently 55 miles per hour. If Senate Bill 2565 is passed it will increase the speed limit to 75 miles per hour on any interstate highway outside of an urban area. The speed limit is currently 70 miles per hour on interstate highways.  Both bills have been sent to a to a Transportation subcommittee. It is currently unknown if or when a hearing might take place.

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