Man Jailed for Threatening Police

A Paducah was arrested for threatening officers, and faces other charges. Paducah Police Department officers were on the way to a call when they saw a Michael Cursey, 43, walk into traffic and begin waving his arms and yelling at vehicles. One of the officers stopped to check on the Cursey, and he ran at the officer and swinging a bicycle chain and vise grips. The officer ordered the man to get on the ground, but Cursey refused. Shortly after another officer arrived on scene and was able to get behind the Cursey and take him to the ground.  The suspect made threats against the first officer and his family. He also said a police officer was going to die today. Cursey was arrested and taken to the McCracken County Regional Jail where he faces charges of second degree disorderly conduct, third-degree terroristic threatening and public intoxication/controlled substance.

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