More Flooding Possible to the North of Cape Girardeau

The National Weather Service is predicting that with the combination of melting snow in the upper Mississippi River Valley and saturated soil from record flooding over the summer could cause higher than normal flood risk this year. Officials say significant flooding is likely along the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers during the spring season. In addition minor flooding is predicted along streams that feed water to both rivers. Both the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers have had stream flow that is greatly more than the usual rate through most of the previous winter. As a result both rivers are getting a high starting point to receive runoff in the future. The soil conditions currently along the basins of both rivers are a factor that has contributed to making flooding a concern over the spring season. Officials say Soil moisture along both rivers is still at a high level in the northern plains and upper Midwest. The above average soil moisture will keep the land from absorbing a high amount of future snowfall along with rainfall. This will remain the same until warmer weather conditions will allow the soil an opportunity to become dry. In addition the snowpack for this winter season, along with the water equivalent is also greater than usual in the states of Wisconsin, the Dakotas and Minnesota. This will increase the chances for significant flooding over the coming spring along the Mississippi River. The areas that could have significant flooding include Chester Illinois and other areas to the north of Cape Girardeau.

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