Jackson Board Alderman Approve Grant to Light City Soccer Fields

Members of the Jackson Board Alderman gave their approval to a request by the city of Jackson to have additional lighting at the city’s soccer fields. The grant was approved during the Board of Alderman’s Imeeting on February 3, 2020. If the grant is approved by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources the opening phase of the project will move forward. The city will have a two year period to put in all the lights that will illuminate for a total of four existing fields with seven poles and ninety six lights. The first two phases of the project are predicted to have a total price tag of $708,000. The opening phase of the project will provide lighting for fields two, three, four, and five. The first phase of the project will cost the city $389,000. The grant will provide funding for half of the project and the city will make up the remaining half. The city will be responsible for paying for a total of $194,850.

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